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    Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

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    Turn a standard sized 5-gallon bucket into the most effective mouse trap on the market

     Simple But Effective: Mice/Rats will climb the ramp towards the bait you place in the tunnel of the trap. When they get to the bait, their weight will triggers the platform to fall forward, dropping them into the bucket. The platform then resets ready for the next mouse

     Humane, Safe & Sanitary: No more poison, no more disposing of corpses from a glue or snap trap, which can potentially infect you with disease. Simply release or dispose of the mice/rats as you see fit.

     Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use: Wherever the trap is placed, it will catch mice and rats! Perfect for use anywhere on your property

     Reusable: You do not need to reset the trap or throw it away after a single use. It automatically resets each time and will comfortably hold up to 30 mice or 10 medium sized rats

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "The best mouse trap"

    "This must be one of the best traps on the market hands down. Worth the price. I have a lot of animals, Chickens, cats, cows, dogs, you name it I have it. With all these animals comes a lot of different foods/feeds. and with a lot of food/feed comes a lot of pesky mice who want to eat it and put holes in the feed bags. This trap works great for my barns, chicken coops and even in my house when a few try to nest up in my home. It is fantastic because I do not even have to reset these, all I do it simply put some feed in the bottom of the bucket, and they just start plopping in 1 by 1. After using this trap I will NEVER go back to the traditional mouse traps."

    Bruce | USA


    Size: 12 x 12 x 3 inches

    Package Includes

    1 x Bucket Lid, 1 x Counter Weighted Plank, 2 x Ramps, 1 x User Guide

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